“The Source Awakens” Filming Locations

Mel, Maggie, and Harry attempt to reach Macy as she becomes increasingly unstable as her new powers affect her mind.

Charmed episode “The Source Awakens” was filmed in Vancouver & New Westminster in Canada.

MNP Tower as Alistair Craine Enterprises

Maggie visits Parker as he is picking things up from his father's company and talks to him about the stolen spell that might help Macy.

Buchanan Building (UBC) as Lady of the Lake Café

Mel freezes time to watch Niko only to realize that Niko is still wearing the magic-blocking ring she gave her.

J.E. Phillips House as Vera Home (exterior)

Upon returning home, the Charmed Ones are visited by several of the magical folks they had previously saved who thank them for saving the world and ask them to help fill the vacuum left by the loss of the elders.