Movies Filmed at Buchanan Building

Buchanan Building, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1, Canada

Part of The University of British Columbia

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Buchanan Tower from Supernatural and 5 other movies.
72 m

Memorial Road (between Main & East Mall) from The Magicians
83 m

Main Mall (between Crescent & Memorial) from Tomorrowland
110 m

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The Magicians

Fountain Quad

Eliot and Margo make fun of Alice for her apparent advantages while Quentin sits by in episode 1x01 “Unauthorized Magic”. Quentin calls Julia on the payphone and leaves a message in episode 1x02 “The Source of Magic”. Alice calls her parents and learns about Joe's suicide in episode 1x11 “Remedial Battle Magic”.

Appears in 4 additional episodes.
Hotel Spa Potions

The Dean gives Alice a pep talk as she practices the powerful spell.

Lesser Evils

Reynard walks onto campus after the wards go down and Julia attempts to get Quentin to use the Alice-niffin against him.

We Have Brought You Little Cakes

Julia approaches Quentin when he is outside smoking and shows him that she has retained a spark of power.

Marry Fuck Kill

Eliot wakes up in a strange empty version of Brakebills and calls out for anyone else.

Shawnee High School (exterior)

Eliot travels back to a high school memory with Charlton where he used his magic for the first time and killed a kid in episode 4x05 “Escape from the Happy Place”.


Hilltowne Police Department

Niko calls Mel about meeting for lunch and later Mel tries to get Niko out of the building while she is under the influence of the truth serum in episode 1x02 “Let This Mother Out”.

Lady of the Lake Café

Maggie finds Brian at his work and tells him that she only wishes to be friends in the future in episode 1x02 “Let This Mother Out”. Mel freezes time to watch Niko only to realize that Niko is still wearing the magic-blocking ring she gave her in episode 1x22 “The Source Awakens”.