Movies Filmed at J.E. Phillips House

323 Queens Ave, New Westminster, BC V3L 1K1, Canada
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Charles Murray Residence from Once Upon a Time
125 m

New Westminster City Hall from Arrow and 1 other movie.
243 m

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church from MacGyver
276 m

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Vera Home (exterior)

Maggie and Mel head off for a night on the town while their mother stays home. Later, Macy is walking down the street with Galvin when she spies a house she seems to remember in pilot episode. Mel comes home and runs into Maggie outside who reveals her conversations with the Ouija board in episode 1x02 "Let This Mother Out". Maggie talks to Mel on the phone while walking home and later Mel runs into Macy on the porch in episode 1x03 "Sweet Tooth".