“Hey, World!” Filming Locations

Neron's true plan comes to light forcing the Legends to adopt a bold new plan to thwart his fear-mongering.

Legends of Tomorrow episode “Hey, World!” was filmed in Vancouver, Surrey, North Vancouver, & Coquitlam in Canada.

Surrey City Hall as Capitol Building [2019]

Neron talks to congress about the magical creature threat as Ray and then uses Zari to fake a monster attack to create fear.

The Permanent as Soul Exchange [Hell]

Astra talks her way into the vault with Constantine and then Nora knocks out the teller allowing them free reign over the soul tokens.

Town Centre Park as Heyworld (grounds) [2019]

Eager families including young Zari's arrive in a fully-formed Heyworld and are ushered to the main tent for the show.

The Forum (PNE) as Heyworld (auditorium) [2019]

The Legends put on a show to try and convince people that monsters are okay but they are interrupted by the arrival of Tabitha with the fully-grown dragon intent on spreading fear.