Movies Filmed at Arch Alley (south of Hastings, west of Abbott)

West Hastings Street & Abbott Street, Vancouver, BC V6B, Canada

A prominent alley off Victory Square which got its name when The Province newspaper built a skybridge in 1924 connecting the Egett Building to the Carter Cotton Building.

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Philip runs into an alley away from the cop in episode 1x01 “Travelers”. In Marcy's memories, Vincent's goons drop Marcy in an alley and she wanders around until she runs into David. Back in the present day, Marcy meets up with David and kisses him in episode 2x10 “21C”. Marcy drops Simon off in the alley with a bag of supplies and her number in episode 2x11 “Simon”.

Legends of Tomorrow

Alley [Hell]

Constantine falls into Hell and lands in a dumpster in the fiery realm in episode 4x14 “Nip/Stuck”. A demon watches as Constantine falls into Hell and walks off in episode 4x15 “Terms of Service”. Nora crashes into Hell and asks around about Constantine and later Nora, Astra, and Constantine watch Neron's announcement about opening the Gates of Hell in episode 4x16 “Hey, World!”.


Vision in Alley

Liv has a vision of zombified Blaine attacking a man in an alley in pilot episode.

Alley by Police Station

Major drinks a can of Max Rager from his trunk so he can outrun the police in episode 2x11 “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter”. Ravi stops Janko from kidnapping Liv from the morgue in episode 2x18 “Dead Beat”. Harley Johns brings Ravi out into the alley where he is holding Don E in the back of his van in episode 3x09 “Twenty-Sided, Die”.

Body Dump

A trash collector finds the bodies of two thugs while picking up the trash in episode 2x09 “Cape Town”.

Alley near Koma Grand Hotel

The police find the body of Katty Kupps hidden behind a dumpster in the alley in episode 3x12 “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1”.