“Death of a Car Salesman” Filming Locations

Liv and Ravi both eat the brain of a aggressively competitive cars salesman killed by a hijacked self-driving car and Liv tries to get to know her father.

iZombie episode “Death of a Car Salesman” was filmed in Coquitlam & North Vancouver in Canada.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as Beanpole Bob's Lab (interior)

Five years ago, Stacey Boss talks to Martin Roberts about his brand new drug Utopium and a year later Scott E arrives and picks up the tainted batch.

753 15th Street East as Martin Roberts's Home

Liv tells Martin Roberts a bit about herself before getting called about a case and later return with pamphlets for treatment programs.

747 15th Street East as Klein House

Liv and Clive visit the man from the vision, meet his angry daughter, and learn he feels better off after getting fired.