Movies Filmed at Crease Clinic

Part of Riverview Hospital
2601 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam, BC V3C 5X9, Canada

This building opened in 1934 as a veterans treatment center for veterans of the First World War. This included the main building as well as the separate Veterans Dining Block. The main building was expanded in 1945 and reopened in 1949 as the Crease Clinic of Psychological Medicine, a short-term psychological treatment center. Now used almost exclusively for film production.

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Tunnels from The Flash and 1 other movie.
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Holly Drive & Lawn Drive from The Flash
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The 100

Tunnel under Polis

Echo leads the Sky People through the hidden tunnels underneath Polis in episode 3x03 "Ye Who Enter Here". Murphy and Pike saves Bellamy's group and they run the elevator up to the top of the tower in episode 3x15 "Perverse Instantiation: Part One".


Fort Nicholas Army Base

Exterior of For Nicholas Army base in episode #410 "You Can't Handle This Episode".

Source: Psych Forums

Santa Barbara Prison

Shawn and Gus arrive at the prison for Jack Atwater's transfer back to police custody only to see him shot in episode #701 "Santabarbaratown 2".

Tunnels under California Theater

The Psych team sees one of the actors with the director beneath the theatre in episode #715 "Psych the Musical".

The Flash

Iron Heights Prison

Shawna Baez uses her teleportation to break Clay Parker out of prison in episode 1x12 "Crazy for You". Joe and Barry question James Jesse in his secure cell in episode 1x17 "Tricksters". Weather Wizard is breaks Captain Cold and The Trickster out of prison in episode 2x09 "Running to Stand Still".

Police Station

Barry goes looking for Iris only to find her heading home with Eddie in episode 1x12 "Crazy for You".


A young Iris meets Barry after his mother's death in episode 2x18 "Versus Zoom".

St. Alexander Hospital

Amunet takes Caitlin to an abandoned hospital to save the life of Dominic Lanse, a meta she wants to sell in episode 4x09 "Don't Run".


Iron Heights Prison

Oliver saves Laurel and Peter Declan from a prison riot in episode 1x04 "An Innocent Man".

Psychiatric Hospital

Quentin visits The Count in a mental institution when Vertigo reemerges in episode 1x19 "Unfinished Business".

Glades Police Precinct

Laurel and Roy attack the police station from which Brick is controlling the Glades in episode 3x12 "Uprising".

Muller Psychiatric Center (interior)

Thea and Laurel search the inside of the abandoned hospital for Diggle's brother and Thea ends up coming face-to-face with Darhk in episode 4x07 "Brotherhood".

Abandoned Hotel

The team follows Felicity's intel to an abandoned hospital where Prometheus is holding Susan Williams in episode 5x16 "Checkmate".

Chase House

Oliver and Diggle head into Adrian Chase's house in search of Susan Williams in episode 5x16 "Checkmate".


Toledo Hospital Morgue

Sam & Dean travel to the hospital to investigate Steven Shoemaker's body in episode 1x05 "Bloody Mary".


Washington State Mental Hospital (exterior)

Clive and Liv talk after interviewing Jason in episode 1x10 "Mr. Berserk".

Blooming Grove

Major has a group therapy session at the treatment center he checked himself into in episode 1x10 "Mr. Berserk". One of Major's fellow patients is murdered in episode 1x11 "Astroburger".

The Magicians

Brakebills South (interior)

The students practice casting spells without their voices in episode 1x07 "The Mayakovsky Circumstance". Quentin visits the recovering Alice briefly in her room before heading off to Fillory in episode 2x12 "Ramifications". Quentin gives Alice a potion to prevent her from harming herself and then returns later with a plateful of bacon in episode 2x13 "We Have Brought You Little Cakes".

Police Station

Julia talks to the detective about Hannah's death in episode 1x07 "The Mayakovsky Circumstance".

Anti-Magic Cell

Mike is held and interrogated in a magic-proof cell in episode 1x08 "The Strangled Heart". Quentin is held in a werewolf-proof cell under the school while Professor Lipson examines his condition. Later Julia wakes up inside the isolation cell in episode 2x09 "Lesser Evils". Dean Fogg releases Julia from the cell even though she doesn't think she deserves to be in episode 2x10 "The Girl Who Told Time".

Bjorn's Apartment

Kady and Julia visit a local vampire to get information about the gods in episode 1x11 "Remedial Battle Magic".

Lamia's Lair

Julia and Kady head into the lair of a lamia and ask her about the god she used to serve in episode 1x11 "Remedial Battle Magic".


Latchmere General Hospital

Hospital where the team goes to investigate the dustifications in episode #206 "Earthling".

Hennington Mental Health Institute

Mental institution where the patient has brain surgery at the start of episode #210 "Grey Matters".

Deerfield Mental Hospital

Mental hospital where the Fringe team goes to talk to Sean Keenan about the voices he is hearing in episode #413 "A Better Human Being".

Berkshire County Hospital

Peter is brought to the hospital after being injured by The Machine in episode #320 "6:02 AM EST".

Napean Building

Peter, Olivia, and Etta travel enter an Observer facility to rescue Walter in episode 5x01 "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11".

The X-Files

Raymon County State Psychiatric Hospital (interior)

Mulder and Scully go inside the hospital to question Billy Miles and Peggy O'Neil and Mulder is able to confirm that Peggy has the bumps on her back in pilot episode.

Bethesda Naval Hospital

Mulder & Scully are summoned by some mysterious government agents to investigate some strange deaths in episode 1x06 "Shadows".

Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital

Scully calls Mulder from the hospital where she is working to let him know about Tad Tad O'Malley in episode 10x01 "My Struggle". The agents talk to Sister Mary about the involvement of Augustus Goldman with the hospital in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation". Scully and Einstein work to cure the sickness in episode 10x06 "My Struggle II".

Trashman Hideout (interior)

Scully and Mulder search the dark basement for the Trashman and confront the artist who created it in episode 10x04 "Home Again".

Franklin Hospital (interior)

Daryl Landry is overseeing the homeless settlement when he follows a sound into an empty wing of the hospital in episode 10x04 "Home Again".

Beatus Medical Center

Scully sits by her mother in the hospital while she is in a coma in episode 10x04 "Home Again".

Excelsis Dei (interior)

From episode #211 "Excelsis Dei".

Source: Christina McClellan

Legends of Tomorrow

Bratva Steam Room [1986]

Rip, Snart, and Sara attempt to gain the assistance of the Bratva in breaking into the prison in episode 1x05 "Fail-Safe".

Koshmar Gulag [1986]

Dr. Stein is thrown into a holding cell at Savage's base in episode 1x04 "White Knights". The team infiltrates the gulag where Stein, Ray, and Rory are being held in episode 1x05 "Fail-Safe".

Harmony Falls Sheriff's Department (exterior) [1958]

Snart and Rip head to the local sheriff's department to discuss the murders in episode 1x08 "Night of the Hawk".

NYC Street [1942]

The Legends are heading back to the ship when they are confronted by the Justice Society of America in episode 2x01 "Out of Time". The Legends end up fighting and are captured by the JSA in episode 2x02 "The Justice Society of America".

Nazi Bunker [1942]

Ray & Amaya are captured and held by Baron Krieger in episode 2x02 "The Justice Society of America".

Union Station [1927]

The Legends search the train station for signs of the adoration where Nate spots Eliot Ness who is taken away by two police officers in episode 2x08 "The Chicago Way".

Bureau of Prohibition [1927]

Nate poses as Eliot Ness to gain the help of the U.S. Marshals to search for Al Capone's ledger in episode 2x08 "The Chicago Way".

Smuggling Tunnels [1927]

Sara and Stein wake up to find themselves strapped to chairs in a basement where they are asked about the amulet in episode 2x08 "The Chicago Way".

Stargate SG-1

Antiquities Museum

The people on a tour at a museum on Tegalus are shocked when the Stargate activates and the MALP arrives in episode 8x05 "Icon".

Military Base

Appears as the military base in Caledonia Capital City in episode 9x15 "Ethon".

Abandoned Hospital

Sam is taken to an abandoned hospital and her body's reaction to Jolinar is studied in episode 5x11 "Desperate Measures".

Pangar Lab

The people of Pangar are holding a Goa'uld queen and forcing it to spawn symbiotes for them in episode 6x10 "Cure".


Tunnels outside Lab

Wade is wheeled through some tunnels into Ajax's lab.

Romeo Must Die

Hsing Kang Prison

Stargate Atlantis

Genii Lab & Tunnels

From episode 1x06 "Poisoning the Well".

Battlestar Galactica

Cylon Hospital

Exterior of hospital where Kara Thrace (Starbuck) was held by the Cylons for studying, along with a number of pregnant women in episode 2x05 "The Farm".

Jennifer's Body

Needy's Prison

The Butterfly Effect

Sunnyvale Institution (halls & cell)

Dark Angel

Manticore Lab

Interior of the Manticore facility Max and the other kids escape from in the pilot, and where Max attempts her rescue mission in episode 1x20 "…and Jesus Brought a Casserole".

Seattle Municipal Courthouse

Location of the trial that Max has to break into in episode 1x09 "Red".

Police Department

Max breaks into this building to steal some information in episode 1x03 "C.R.E.A.M.".


Global Defense Department

Interiors of the hospital appear as the GDD office starting in episode 1x03 "Reins of a Waterfall".

Virtual Room of Doors

The virtual room of doors Clarice visits to talk to the STO in episode 1x03 "Reins of a Waterfall".

Guatrau's Mansion (Driveway)

Daniel enters the front of the Guatrau's mansion in episode 1x10 "Unvanquished".


Military Base

Base where Dr. Manhattan reappears after his accident.

A Christmas Story 2

Ralph's School
Nazi Fantasy
Prison Fantasy


Locker Room

Jack Sylvane gets some items from a locker and then attacks a man in pilot episode.

Presidio Graveyard

Rebecca and Diego locate Paxton Petty's bomb stash to a tomb in episode 1x06 "Paxton Petty".

Abandoned High School

Johnny McKee uses the chemistry lab in this school to mix his poisons, the team tracks down his lab here later in episode 1x07 "Johnny McKee".


From episode 1x07 "Johnny McKee".

Van Helsing

Tunnel Exit

Vanessa and Axel climb out of the tunnel after leaving the hospital in episode 1x03 "Stay Inside".

Resistance Hideout

The resistance discusses plans for the future in episode 1x04 "Coming Back". Sheema brings the plans for the tunnels to the resistance in episode 1x05 "Fear Her". Sheema is interrogated after the failed mission in episode 1x06 "Nothing Matters".

From episode #105 "Fear Her".

Tunnel under Julius's Lair

Vanessa and Susan flee Julius through the tunnels under his lair in episode 1x05 "Fear Her". They continue escaping through the tunnels in episode 1x06 "Nothing Matters".

Resistance Ambushed

The resistance is ambushed while attempting to sneak into the vampire lair in episode 1x06 "Nothing Matters".


Chicago World's Fair [1893]

Rufus and Wyatt find Roosevelt at the fair thinking he is Flynn's target and follow one of Flynn's men in episode 1x11 "The World's Columbian Exposition".

World's Fair Hotel (basement) [1893]

H.H. Holmes locks Lucy up in the basement where Lucy tries to stop him from killing her in episode 1x11 "The World's Columbian Exposition".


Cadmus Facility

Kara fights with Hank Henshaw who has been transformed into Cyborg Superman and then she escapes through tunnels with Mon-El in episode 2x07 "The Darkest Place".

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Seattle Police Department (exterior)

Farah watches and listens to the duo of police officers as they discuss the case in episode 1x05 "Very Erectus".


Amanda remembers an evening out at a nightclub with Todd in episode 1x06 "Fix Everything".


Coroner's Office

Jason Blossom's body is examined by the coroner in episode 1x02 "Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil".


Division Three

Clark's husband and son visit him in the hospital while he is recovering from his burns. Clark then convinces his superiors to let him return to the field in episode 1x08 "Chapter 8".