“Prom Night!” Filming Locations

Nia and Brainy travel back in time to Kara and Alex's past to recover a sample of Supergirl's DNA but they quickly run into trouble.

Supergirl episode “Prom Night!” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

BierCraft Bistro as Midvale Diner

Alex, back from college, has dinner and Kara and Kenny where she learns that they have been supering around town.

UBC Baseball Field (UBC) as Midvale High School (baseball diamond)

Nia and Brainy exit their ship at the local high school ready for prom but learn they arrived early and have already attracted the attention of the younger versions of their friends.

657 37th Avenue West as Midvale High School

Kenny shows Brainy to the science lab to build a 3D printer and asks him to stay out of sight.

Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre (UBC) as Midvale College

CJ Grant heads to the university looking for a source and runs into Alex escorting Kara and Nia inside using her mother's credentials.