Movies Filmed at Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre

6163 University Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T, Canada

Part of The University of British Columbia
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AMS Student Nest from The Magicians and 3 other movies.
68 m

East Mall (between Agricultural & Univer… from iZombie
101 m

Student Union Building from iZombie and 2 other movies.
164 m

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Midvale College

CJ Grant heads to the university looking for a source and runs into Alex escorting Kara and Nia inside using her mother's credentials in episode 6x05 “Prom Night!”.

National City Dream Institute (interior)

Nxyly follows the advice of her new gauntlet to find a way into the Dream Realm but the Super Friends' interruption leads to the release of a nightmare monster in episode 6x16 “Nightmare in National City”.


Kara prepares for her interview with the leaders of Kaznia and Corto Maltese but decides she needs to help her team when they are delayed in episode 6x16 “Nightmare in National City”.