“A Matter of Trust” Filming Locations

Rene accidentally transforms a dangerous drug dealer into a superpowered monster while Oliver tries to deal with his trust issues and Thea faces trouble with the media.

Series: Arrow Season 5, Episode 3
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Arrow episode "A Matter of Trust" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

1010 George Street as Chasing Dealer

Oliver chases a low-level dealer across a rooftop to gain information on his supplier while the team watches from the base.


1010 George Street as Shipping Center

Oliver heads to a reported break-in only to find the call was a fake so Billy Malone could pass him information.


1010 George Street as Bratva Hideout

Oliver talks to Anatoly after the first stage of his initiation.

Buller Studio as Alley behind Drug Lab

Rene and Evelyn head to where Rene believes the drugs are being made for some 'reconnaissance'.

The Ironworks as Mrs. Volodarsky's House

Anatoly takes Oliver to the home of a woman whose son's murder he helped avenge.

The Ironworks as Gang Bar

Sampson arranges a meeting with the members of his gang to demonstrate his new abilities.