Movies Filmed at Wharton Street & St. Mary Street

21 St Mary St, Cardiff CF10, UK
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Wharton Street (between St. Mary & Baker… from Doctor Who
38 m

Wharton Street & Bakers Row from Doctor Who
72 m

Westgate Street (between Guildhall & Par… from Doctor Who
73 m

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Doctor Who

Chariot on Street Corner

The charioteer waits for the traffic light to change in episode 6x13 "The Wedding of River Song".

Henrik's Department Store (exterior)

Rose runs away from the department store after her first encounter with the Doctor in episode 1x01 "Rose".

Rose on Bus

Rose is eating crisps on the bus in episode 2x12 "Army of Ghosts".

Hailing a Cab

Donna and the Doctor attempt to hail a cab in 2006 Christmas special "The Runaway Bride".