Movies Filmed at Mir Steel

4, Newport, UK

Formerly Alpha Steel.

Nearby Locations
Alexandra Docks from Doctor Who
1.2 km

Uskmouth Power Station from Doctor Who
1.2 km

West Usk Lighthouse from Doctor Who and 1 other movie.
2.8 km

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Doctor Who

The Docks of Calisto B

The Doctor pays a visit to the Tesselector in the form of a member of the Silence and then plays some chess in episode 6x13 "The Wedding of River Song".

Mining Site

Mo and Amy are taken to a mining operation in episode 5x08 "The Hungry Earth". From episode 5x09 "Cold Blood".


The Doctor explores the town in episode 6x00 "A Christmas Carol".

The Crucible

A bunch of people are taken aboard The Crucible and turned into energy by the Daleks in episode 4x13 "Journey's End".

Tritovore Spaceship

Christina and the Doctor attempt to recover the ship's power source in season 4 special "Planet of the Dead".

Abandoned Warehouse

Some people are eating at a food truck when they are eaten by the Master. Later, the Doctor confronts the Master in the ruins in 2009 Christmas special "The End of Time: Part One".