“The Chicago Way” Filming Locations

The Legends go up against Al Capone who has allied himself with the Legion of Doom in the roaring 20s.

Series: Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 8
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Legends of Tomorrow episode "The Chicago Way" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Britannia Heritage Shipyards as Chicago Shipyard Dock 39 [1927]

Thawne, Darhk, and Merlyn arrange a meeting with Al Capone to propose and alliance.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as Union Station [1927]

The Legends search the train station for signs of the adoration where Nate spots Eliot Ness who is taken away by two police officers.


Steveston Paramount Docks as Chicago Shipyard Disposal Dock [1927]

The Legends arrive just in time to prevent the death of Eliot Ness.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as Bureau of Prohibition [1927]

Nate poses as Eliot Ness to gain the help of the U.S. Marshals to search for Al Capone's ledger.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as Smuggling Tunnels [1927]

Sara and Stein wake up to find themselves strapped to chairs in a basement where they are asked about the amulet.


Fraser Shipyard as Delivery Ambush [1927]

Mick and Amaya ambush one of Al Capone's deliveries and hijack the truck.

West Lawn (Riverview Hospital) as Woods [1927]

Nate and Ray brief the newly awakens Eliot Ness about what has happened and hand him the ledger.


Canadian Motion Picture Park as Film Studio [1967]

Rip Hunter directs a movie based on his time travel exploits.