Movies Filmed at Britannia Heritage Shipyards

5180 Westwater Drive, Richmond, BC V7E 6S7, Canada
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Steveston Harbour from Psych and 3 other movies.
206 m

Steveston Japanese Canadian Cultural Cen… from Godzilla
779 m

Steveston Paramount Docks from Legends of Tomorrow
833 m

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Once Upon a Time

Storybrooke Shipyard

Hook and Cora arrive in town in their invisible ship in episode 2x10 "The Cricket Game". From episode 2x11 "The Outsider". From episode 2x13 "Tiny".

Stargate SG-1

Abandoned Shipyard

Jonas finds some mysterious tire tracks outside the abandoned building and SG-1 investigates to find a spaceship under construction in episode 6x05 "Nightwalkers".

Legends of Tomorrow

Chicago Shipyard Dock 39 [1927]

Thawne, Darhk, and Merlyn arrange a meeting with Al Capone to propose and alliance in episode 2x08 "The Chicago Way".