“Space” Filming Locations

Series: The X-Files Season 1, Episode 9
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The X-Files episode "Space" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Robson Square Campus (UBC) as Houston Mission Control

The shuttle launch is aborted at the last minute.

Robson Square as Washington D.C. Square

Michelle Generoo approaches Mulder & Scully and gives them the leaked x-rays.


CAE Vancouver Training Centre (YVR) as Johnson Space Center (hanger)

Mulder and Scully arrive at the space center in Houston to investigate potential sabotage.

The Sutton Place Hotel as Mulder & Scully's Hotel

Scully and Mulder are getting ready to head home when Michelle Generoo runs up and tells them something is wrong with the orbiter.

The Sutton Place Hotel as Colonel Belt's Hotel

The spirit leaves Colonel Belt to cause trouble while he is sleeping.


Mountain View Cemetery as Colonel Belt's Funeral

Mulder & Scully attend Colonel Belt's funeral.