“Guilty” Filming Locations

Series: Arrow Season 3, Episode 6
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Arrow episode "Guilty" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Terminal City Iron Works as Warehouse

Oliver, Roy, and Diggle go to warehouse only to find the criminals they were searching for were already taken out by another vigilante.

Buller Studio as Outside Wildcats Gym

Laurel leaves the gym and is watched by Carrie Cutter.

Parking Lot (off Front Street) as Oliver & Laurel Talk

Oliver talks to Laurel after the murder at her gym.

Downtown Parkade as Meeting on Parking Garage

Oliver meets with Laurel and Ted Grant to talk about the murders.

Buller Studio as Zanzibar (exterior)

Diggle waits outside the nightclub while Oliver and Ted Grant search inside.

Buller Studio as Alley behind Police Station


1st Street West (between Philip & Pemberton) as Car Chase Begins

Diggle tries to cut off the car containing Laurel, Ted Grant, and Isaac Stanzler.


1st Street West (between Garden & Philip) as Car Chase Continues

Olive and Roy continue to chase Isaac Stanzler and the others on their motorcycles.


Parking Lot (off 1st Street West) as Crash & Explosion

Oliver helps Laurel get away from the crashed car which then explodes.