“Broken Hearts” Filming Locations

Carrie Cutter returns to town and starts murdering famous loving couples while Laurel begins to prosecute Damien Darhk’s case.

Series: Arrow Season 4, Episode 16
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Arrow episode "Broken Hearts" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Alsco as Colao Wedding Dress Services

Carrie Cutter kills two newlyweds, and later the team arrives at her hideout and searches for her next target.

Vancouver Art Gallery as Starling City Superior Court

Darhk is put on trial.

Bentall Street (between Cornett & end) as Bodies Found

Lance calls Oliver to a crime scene where two of Cupid's victims were left.

Cornett Road & Natal Street as Chasing Limo

The team chases after the limo where Carrie Cutter is driving another couple she's kidnapped.


The Parade & Green (PNE) as Limo Chase Continues

The team continues chasing after Carrie Cutter.


Livestock Barns (PNE) as Warehouse

Oliver chases Carrie Cutter into a warehouse and frees her hostages despite her escape.

Rosewood Hotel Georgia as Hotel Ballroom

Felicity and Oliver put on a fake wedding to draw out Carrie Cutter.