“The Snowmen” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special
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Doctor Who special "The Snowmen" was filmed in Cardiff, Bristol, & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Treowen Manor as England, 1842

A young Simeon creates a snowman and hears the voice of the Great Intelligence for the first time.


Portland Square as Ladder to TARDIS

Clara follows the Doctor and sees him climbing a ladder into the sky.


Corn Street as London Street

Clara chases after the Doctor's carriage after first meeting him outside her pub.


Main Building (Cardiff University) as The Great Intelligence Institute

Dr. Simeon studies and collects samples for the Great Intelligence.


Insole Court as Latimer House (upstairs)

Clara is telling the children a story when they are attacked by the Ice Governess and flee into another room.


Insole Court as Clara's Room

Clara wakes up and realizes today is the day she returns to her governess job.


Insole Court as London Streets

Dr. Simeon's men collect samples from the snowmen in the street.


Cathays Cemetery as Clara's Grave

The Doctor realizes the truth of Clara after her funeral, then we see a present day Clara with her friend walking through the cemetery.


The Coal Exchange as Dr. Simeon's Lab

Dr. Simeon collects snow samples for sphere of snow.


Fields House as Latimer House (lounge)

After falling from the TARDIS, Clara is laid in the lounge where she dies.


Treberfydd House as Latimer House

Clara is working as a governess for two children when the Ice Governess emerges.