“The Angels Take Manhattan” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 7, Episode 5
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Doctor Who episode "The Angels Take Manhattan" was filmed in Cardiff & Bristol in United Kingdom and New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Bay Chambers as Winter Quay (lobby)

A man enters the Angel's building and rides the elevator up.

Bethesda Terrace (Central Park) as Rory Taken

On his way back getting coffee Rory is taken by the Angels.


Times Square (north of 45th) as Times Square

Amy and the Doctor head back to the TARDIS after learning of Rory's fate.


Empire Fulton Ferry (Brooklyn Bridge Park) as TARDIS Parking

Amy and the Doctor return to the TARDIS in order travel to where Rory was taken.

Battery Maritime Building as Driving Rory

Rory is driven past this building where an angel watches from above.


Glamorgan Building (Cardiff University) as Grayle's Mansion (exterior)

Rory is driven to to Grayle's mansion.


Custom House as Grayle's Mansion (cellar)

Rory is locked in the cellar where he encounters some baby angels.

The Mall (Central Park) as Reading the Last Page

After losing Amy and Rory the Doctor reads the last page of River's novel.

Umpire Rock (Central Park) as Picnic in Park

Amy, Rory, and the Doctor have a picnic in Central Park.


Trevithick Building (Cardiff University) as Winter Quay (entrance)

The Angels are trapping people in this apartment building.


School of Physics (University of Bristol) as Winter Quay (stairwell)

A man tries to escape the pursuit of the angels in the stairwell of the apartment building.


Royal Fort House (University of Bristol) as Winter Quay (stairwell)

A man runs through the stairwells.

Bow Bridge (Central Park) as Reading on Bridge

The Doctor reads his book while Amy drops things off the bridge.


East 60th Street & Fifth Avenue as Rory Returns with Coffee

Rory returns to the park with coffee.


Box Cemetery as Greenpoint Cemetery

The Doctor is forced to land the TARDIS in a cemetery.


Coedarhydyglyn as Grayle's Mansion (interior)

Rory is brought to talk with Grayle.


East 43rd Street & Tudor City Place as Winter Quay (street)

Rory arrives at the building after being sent by an angel.