“The Bells of Saint John” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 7, Episode 6
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Doctor Who episode "The Bells of Saint John" was filmed in London & Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Westminster Bridge as Westminster Bridge

Clara and the Doctor ride across the bridge.


MOD St Athan as Crashing Airplane

Clara and the Doctor exit the TARDIS into a crashing airplane and the Doctor saves it. Filmed in a 737 housed on the airbase.


Southerndown Beach as Cumbria, 1207

While waiting for information on Clara, the Doctor is staying in a monastery.


Grange St. Paul's Hotel as Rooftop Cafe

Clara and the Doctor have milkshakes and research the people who are stealing minds.


Shoreline by Jubilee Gardens as TARDIS on Shore

After leaving the airplane, Clara and the Doctor emerge from the TARDIS on the waterfront and pretend it is a magic trick.


Waterloo Bridge as Waterloo Bridge

The spoon Doctor rides across the bridge to the Great Intelligence's facility.

St. Thomas Street as Base of The Shard

The Doctor stops to talk to someone controlled by Miss Kizlet before climbing The Shard.

The Shard as The Shard

The Doctor drives his motorcycle up the side of the Shard to access the Great Intelligence base.


Caerphilly Castle as Cumbria Monastery

A monk comes to tells the Doctor that the phone in the TARDIS is ringing.


Forest Fawr Country Park as Hidden TARDIS

The Doctor comes to the TARDIS and finds Clara calling the TARDIS phone.


30 Beatty Avenue as Kids' House

While Clara is nannying for some children, she calls tech support and connects with the Doctor.