“The Woman Who Lived” Filming Locations

The Doctor encounters Ashildr who has been living for 800 years and they embark on the theft of a mysterious alien amulet.

Series: Doctor Who Season 9, Episode 6
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Doctor Who episode "The Woman Who Lived" was filmed in Cardiff & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Forest Fawr Country Park as Forest Road

The Doctor stumbles upon The Nightmare robbing a carriage in the middle of the night.


Llansannor Court as Ashildr's House

The Doctor follows Ashildr back to her home and is eventually tied up in a closet by her.


St. Fagan's National History Museum as Ashildr's Plague Home

Ashildr mourns the death of her children during the Plague.


Tredegar House as Fanshawe House

Ashildr and the Doctor break into a mansion to steal the alien amulet.


St. Fagan's National History Museum as The Swan with Two Necks

The Doctor and Ashildr talk about Sam Swift and immortality after saving the world.