“The End of Time: Part Two” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 4 Special
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Doctor Who special "The End of Time: Part Two" was filmed in London, Cardiff, & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Brandon Estate as Powell Estate

The Doctor sees Rose for the last time on Christmas before he met her.


11 Nant-fawr Road as The Noble's House

The Doctor says goodbye to the Noble family for the last time.


21 Clinton Road as Sarah Jane Smith's House

The Doctor says goodbye to Sarah Jane Smith here while dying.


Alley off Clinton Road as Alley behind Noble House

Donna escapes out of her house and is attacked by a bunch of the Masters.


St. Mary's Church as Donna's Wedding

The Doctor arrives at Donna's wedding and says goodbye.


Corus Strip Products as Vinvocci Ship Corridors

Wilf, the Doctor, and the two Vinvocci run down the length of the ship to get to the bridge.


Blackwells Bookshop (Cardiff University) as Book Signing

While he is dying, the Doctor visits Joan Newman's great-granddaughter Verity.


Corus Strip Products as Battle in Warehouse

The Doctor saves Martha and Mickey from a Sontaran warrior.