“The End of Time: Part One” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who 2009 Christmas Special
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Doctor Who special "The End of Time: Part One" was filmed in London, Cardiff, & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Jesson House as Turned into the Master

A bunch of people are hanging around an estate when they are transformed into copies of the Master.


Tiger Tiger as Spacebar

The Doctor gives Jack Harkness the number for Midshipman Frame in an alien bar.


Cardiff City Hall as White House Press Room

The President is about to give a press conference when he and everyone else is transformed into copies of the Master.


Caerphilly Castle as Broadfell Prison

Lucy Saxon is taken from her cell and forced to participate in the resurrection of the Master.


St. Augustine's Church as Wilfred in Church

Wilfred visits a church and sees the TARDIS represented in the stained glass.


Wharton Street & Working Street as Christmas Shopping

Wilfred is out Christmas shopping when he decides to head into a church.


South Wales Traffic Management Centre as RADAR Station

The Masters track the Vinvocci spaceship.


Wookey Hole Caves as Council of the Ood

The Doctor talks about his future with Ood Sigma.


Cemex Quarry as Ood-Sphere

The Doctor travels to the Ood planet and talks to Ood Sigma.


Mir Steel as Abandoned Warehouse

Some people are eating at a food truck when they are eaten by the Master. Later, the Doctor confronts the Master in the ruins.


The Port Of Cardiff as Chase at Port

The Doctor chases the Master to the port and is then found by Wilfred's group.


Kardomah Cafe as Coffee in Cafe

Wilfred and the Doctor talk about Donna.


Royal Close & Paget Road as Broadfell Ruins

The Doctor arrives to find Broadfell prison completely destroyed.


Tredegar House as Naismith Mansion

The Naismiths capture the Master and use him with their device.


Stable (Tredegar House) as Naismith Stables

The Doctor and Wilfred arrive at the Naismith house and hide the TARDIS.