Movies Filmed at National Museum of Wales

National Museum Cardiff Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NP

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Cardiff City Hall from Doctor Who and 2 other movies.
110 m

Cardiff University
117 m

Cathays Park from Doctor Who and 1 other movie.
209 m

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Doctor Who

The International Gallery

Christina steals King Athelstan's Cup in season 4 special “Planet of the Dead”.

Musée d'Orsay

The Doctor brings Amy here to look at the paintings of Van Gogh, and later brings Van Gogh himself here in episode 5x10 “Vincent and the Doctor”.

The National Museum (exterior & entrance)

Amelia and Aunt Sharon go to the museum in episode 5x13 “The Big Bang”.

Henry van Statten's Museum

Rose and the Doctor lands in an underground museum containing many space objects in episode 1x06 “Dalek”.

Lazarus Laboratories Entrance

People flee the party and converge on the street outside in episode 3x06 “The Lazarus Experiment”.

Buckingham Palace

The Queen waves at the Titanic as it flies away from the palace in 2007 Christmas special “Voyage of the Damned”.

St. Luke's University (lecture hall)

The Doctor gives a lecture to a classroom full of students including Bill and Heather in episode 10x01 “The Pilot”. The Doctor gives a lecture on how one dies in a vacuum in episode 10x05 “Oxygen”. The Doctor is standing in the dark hall when representatives from the Vatican arrive to request his help in episode 10x06 “Extremis”.

Stairs inside the Passenger

Vinder is transported inside the Passenger and meets Diane who he recognizes from his trip through time in episode 13x05 “Chapter Five: Survivors of the Flux”. Diane and Vinder race up the stairs to escape the Passenger and later return when the TARDIS arrives in episode 13x06 “Chapter Six: The Vanquishers”.


Science and Natural History Museum, Aberystwyth

Gwen and Eugiene go in hopes of figuring more out in episode 1x09 “Random Shoes”.