“Rock Bottom” Filming Locations

Backstrom and Valentine travel to Cooch County to investigate a murder of a police CI and stumble upon trouble with Backstrom’s father Blue.

Series: Backstrom Season 1, Episode 13
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Backstrom episode "Rock Bottom" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Parking Lot (under Georgia Viaduct) as Murder under Bridge

Backstrom comes to a crime scene to find Captain Rocha with the body.

Marine Garage as Cooch County Service Station

Backstrom, Valentine, and Lou stop at a gas station on their way to pick up Edgar Norwest.

Moncton Street (between First & Second) as Cooch County Sheriff's Department

Gravely and Almond stake out the sheriff's department and see Norwest's lawyer leaving after being savagely beaten by Blue Backstrom.

North Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital) as Cooch County Hospital (exterior)

Backstrom confronts his father outside the hospital and Valentine reveals that he is Backstrom's half-brother.

Sasamat Lake (Belcarra Regional Park) as Backstrom's Mom's Ashes

Backstrom goes with Valentine and Lou to where his mother's ashes were spread.