Movies Filmed at North Lawn Building

2601 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam, BC V3C 5X9, Canada

Part of Riverview Hospital

The North Lawn building opened in 1955 to house mental patients with Tuberculosis. It was closed down in 2007 and only recently opened to film productions.

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Old Fire Hall from Legends of Tomorrow and 1 other movie.
159 m

Henry Esson Young Building from The X-Files and 4 other movies.
199 m

Parking Lot (at Kerrina & Oak) from The Flash
249 m

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The X-Files

Cigarette Smoking Man's Hospital

In a flashback, Monica Reyes is recruited by the Cigarette Smoking Man while he is recovering from his burns in episode 10x06 “My Struggle II”.

Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital (interior)

Scully is taken to the hospital for treatment after her seizure in episode 11x01 “My Struggle III”.

The Magicians

Rehab Facility

Julia stays at a rehab facility where she meets a different kind of magician in episode 1x08 “The Strangled Heart”.

Union City Children's Hospital

Kady, Penny, and Quentin head to the hospital where Dana had her child to look back in time and discover who adopted the baby in episode 2x08 “Word as Bond”.


Kasnia Hospital

Diggle, Lyla, Deadshot, and Cupid run a hostage rescue mission at a hospital in episode 3x17 “Suicidal Tendencies”.

Muller Psychiatric Center (roof)

Oliver attacks a group of Ghosts on the roof of the psychiatric hospital and is assisted by Ray in his A.T.O.M. suit in episode 4x07 “Brotherhood”.


Tulipe Institute (interior)

Harry visits the woman mentioned in the Elders' documents he found to learn about how Whitelighters are created in episode 2x04 “Deconstructing Harry”. The Darklighter Helen escapes after an attack on the insitute and Harry finds the Whitelighter in the aftermath in episode 2x12 “Needs to Know”. Mel wakes up in the institute and races to find her sisters in episode 2x15 “Third Time's the Charm”.



Jacob gets threats from an inmate he put in jail and then talks to Mary on the phone about his case in episode 1x10 “How Queer Everything Is Today!”. Jacob and Sophie talk to Dr. Ethan Campbell about proving how Alice and Mouse framed Jacob in episode 1x12 “Take Your Choice”.

Gotham University (dorm)

Sophie leads the Crows to search the room Mary reported seeing Alice enter but finds it empty in episode 1x10 “How Queer Everything Is Today!”.

Arkham Asylum (common room)

Ryan meets with Alice to find out why she thinks she should get the buzzer in episode 3x13 “We Having Fun Yet?”.

Psych: The Movie

Bay City General Hospital (exterior)

Shawn and Gus head outside and Nick Conforth gets their attention to give them intel about the case.


Cooch County Hospital (exterior)

Backstrom confronts his father outside the hospital and Valentine reveals that he is Backstrom's half-brother in episode 1x13 “Rock Bottom”.