Movies Filmed at Hycroft Mansion

1489 McRae Ave, Vancouver, BC V6H 3K3, Canada

Built for General Alexander Duncan McRae in 1909, the mansion currently is home to the University Women's Club of Vancouver. A Vancouver heritage building.

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Beaumont Hotel

Shawn, Gus, and Henry go to talk to Thea Summers at this hotel in episode 6x16 "Santabarbaratown".

Stargate SG-1

Breakfast at Restaurant

Sam & her future husband Joe have breakfast and talk about their efforts to have kids in episode 4x16 "2010".

Daniel's Mansion

Daniel is visited by Sam after using his new Goa'uld memories to make himself rich in episode 4x17 "Absolute Power".


Capitol Building (interior) [1954]

Flynn meets with McCarthy and tells him that he has important information on Communist spies in the city in episode 1x16 "The Red Scare".

Retirement Home

In the present day Lucy and Wyatt meet with Ethan Cahill who is now much older. He tells them that he kept up his end of their bargain in episode 1x16 "The Red Scare".


From episode 5x18 "The Lost Amadeus".

Source: IMDb

Human Target

Russian Embassy

Chance infiltrates an embassy. After the chase seen at the end, Chance is picked up by Guerrero by the wall facing McRae Avenue in episode 1x03 "Embassy Row".

Who's Harry Crumb?

Downing Mansion

Source: IMDb