“The Red Scare” Filming Locations

Timeless episode “The Red Scare” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

657 37th Avenue West as Flynn's Warehouse

Flynn wakes up when Emma Whitmore walks into tell him that two more of their people left the cause.

Port Mann Power Station as Oakland Warehouse

The team takes up refuge in a warehouse where Noah helps patch up Rufus. The team uses the time machine to escape just as Rittenhouse agents arrive.

Livestock Barns (PNE) as Washington D.C. Warehouse [1954]

The team with the addition of Jiya arrives back in the 50s and Lucy gives the a briefing on McCarthy.

Hycroft Mansion as Capitol Building (interior) [1954]

Flynn meets with McCarthy and tells him that he has important information on Communist spies in the city.

Vancouver Art Gallery as Capitol Building (exterior) [1954]

Lucy and Wyatt are arrested as Communist spies while walking up the capitol steps to investigate the McCarthy hearings.

Hycroft Mansion as Retirement Home

In the present day Lucy and Wyatt meet with Ethan Cahill who is now much older. He tells them that he kept up his end of their bargain.

Robson Square as Square

Lucy gives Flynn the information he needs to save his wife but Flynn is arrested by Denise Christopher and her agents before he can head back.