Movies Filmed at Gravel Pit near Mid-Valley Viewpoint

Part of Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve
Rice Lake Road, North Vancouver, BC V7K 3B2, Canada

Reclaimed gravel pit, now mostly overgrown with new trees.

Nearby Locations
Mid-Valley Viewpoint from Psych and 6 other movies.
168 m

Mid-Valley Fisheries Enhancement from The 100 and 2 other movies.
216 m

Spur 4 Bridge from The 100 and 7 other movies.
361 m

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The 100

Steep Hill

Octavia falls down a hill while running from a mysterious pursuer in episode #105 "Twilight's Last Gleaming".

Road to Tondc

Lexa leads a procession with Finn's body to the Grounder town of Tondc in episode #209 "Remember Me".

Failed Ambush

Emori joins Murphy and they attempt another ambush only for Murphy to be taken captive in episode #305 "Hakeldama".

Stargate SG-1


The SGC mining crew is attacked by a tribe of Unas in episode #707 "Enemy Mine".

Cal Mah

K'tano leads and trains a group of free Jaffa in episode #518 "The Warrior".

Human Target

From episode #107 "Salvage & Reclamation".