Movies Filmed at Mid-Valley Viewpoint

Rice Lake Road, North Vancouver, BC V7K 3B2, Canada

Part of Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

A viewpoint halfway up the Lower Seymour Conservation Area with great views of the surrounding mountains and valley below.

Nearby Locations
Gravel Pit near Mid-Valley Viewpoint from The 100 and 2 other movies.
168 m

Mid-Valley Fisheries Enhancement from The 100 and 2 other movies.
197 m

Spur 4 Bridge from The 100 and 8 other movies.
260 m

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Stargate SG-1

Planet's Stargate

The team arrives on a planet through the Stargate. At the end of the episode Jack kills the Canon when they realize he is a Goa'uld in episode 3x08 “Demons”.

Honduran Extremist's Camp

Daniel and Dr. Lee are held by some extremists who captured them while searching some ruins in episode 7x12 “Evolution: Part 2”.

Appears in 1 additional episode.
Also appears in “Evolution: Part 1”.
Nox Stargate

SG-1 lands on the Nox homeworld and later they return to find the Stargate missing in episode 1x07 “The Nox”.


Noyo County Wilderness

Peter and Sheriff Mathis investigate another body in a gravel pit in episode #221 "Northwest Passage". (fairly sure this is the right place)