Movies Filmed at Spur 4 Bridge

Part of Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve
Rice Lake Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4N4, Canada
Nearby Locations
Mid-Valley Fisheries Enhancement from The 100 and 2 other movies.
171 m

Mid-Valley Viewpoint from Psych and 6 other movies.
260 m

Gravel Pit near Mid-Valley Viewpoint from The 100 and 2 other movies.
361 m

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The 100

Negotiation with Grounders

Clarke goes to negotiate with the Grounder leader Anya in episode #109 "Unity Day".

Once Upon a Time

T(r)oll Bridge

The group finds David passed out by the shore under the bridge in episode #103 "Snow Falls". David and Mary Margaret agree to meet up here in episode #106 "The Shepherd" and they have a romantic picnic near this bridge in episode #111 "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree".


Noyo County Bridge

Bridge under which the dead girl is found in episode #221 "Northwest Passage". (I'm only about 60% certain this is the correct bridge)

The X-Files

Atlantic City Woods Stream

Ranger Brullet takes Mulder into the woods near where there was a strange sighting in episode #105 "The Jersey Devil".


Taggart Test Site

Jack and Lupo go to recover Dr. Plotkin device from near where Taggart is testing the water in episode #420 "One Giant Leap…".

The Revenant

River Crossing

One of the people carrying Hugh's stretcher falls while they are crossing a river.

Human Target

Meeting on Bridge

Bridge where DA Russo's meeting with Whitey Doyle is ambushed in episode #105 "Run".

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Treasure Hunt (bridge)

Dirk and Todd search for another hidden treasure by a bridge in the woods in episode #105 "Very Erectus".