Movies Filmed at Homer Street (between Robson & Georgia)

700 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC V6B, Canada
Nearby Locations
The Centre in Vancouver for Performing A… from Catwoman and 1 other movie.
33 m

Vancouver Central Library from The Flash and 28 other movies.
48 m

West Georgia Street & Homer Street from Supergirl
85 m

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The Flash

Flower Seller

A flower vendor is startled as Barry runs past with super-speed in episode 1x13 "The Nuclear Man".

2nd Street Promenade

Barry sets up a trap for the monster only to learn it is a hologram in episode 3x05 "Monster".

Meta Attack

Orlin watches a news report on Gridlock's attack in episode 5x07 "O Come, All Ye Thankful".


Drone attacking Family

Superman saves a family from one of John Corben's drones in episode 2x01 "The Adventures of Supergirl".