Movies Filmed at 2nd Avenue (between Ingleton & MacDonald)

3900 2nd Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5C 3W6, Canada
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M&M Handling from The Millionaires Club
50 m

Aardvark Armadillo Tents Inc. from Arrow
64 m

3823 Henning Drive from Stargate SG-1
456 m

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Edge of Town

Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle say goodbye to Roy in episode 3x19 “Broken Arrow”. Oliver's new team attempts to stop him from heading out after Diggle in episode 5x04 “Penance”. Thea and Roy are attacked by the Thanatos Guild on their way out of town but are saved by Nyssa in episode 6x16 “The Thanatos Guild”.

Chasing Gang Member

Diggle chases a gang member down the street in episode 3x22 “This Is Your Sword”.

Above Dome

The camera pulls out of the ground after leaving the dome beneath the city in episode 4x20 “Genesis”. Diggle and Oliver find a hatch leading down into the dome in episode 4x22 “Lost in the Flood”.