“Genesis” Filming Locations

The rest of the team attempts to go on vacation when Oliver heads off with Felicity to learn magic.

Series: Arrow Season 4, Episode 20
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Arrow episode "Genesis" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Prenter Street as Outside the Truck

Diggle gets out of the A.R.G.U.S. bunker truck and it drives away.

Buller Studio as Convenience Mart

Diggle gets a text about his brother after picking up some diapers.

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital) as Abandoned Building

Diggle follows a tip on his brother and finds him in an abandoned building.

Alley (south of Dorset, west of Shirley) as Alley near Gramercy

Diggle trades fire with Andy while talking to Lyla on the phone.

3725 159a Street as Vacation House

Thea wakes up in a strange house after leaving town on vacation with Alex.

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital) as Empty Kitchen

Diggle wakes up tied to the ceiling and is tortured by his brother.

37 Avenue & 159a Street as Out for a Walk

Thea and Alex take a walk through the neighborhood they are visiting on vacation and Thea begins to notice strangeness, later, Thea searches the maze of streets for a way out.

Beresford Street & Russell Avenue as Truck Driving

The bunker truck drives down the street.

Beresford Street (between Shirley & Merritt) as Truck Attacked

Andy and the Ghosts attack the truck carrying Lyla and her family.

Merritt Avenue (between Dorset & Beresford) as Motorcycle Chase

Diggle is chased down the street by his brother and another one of the Ghosts.

Alley (south of Dorset, west of Shirley) as Chase down Alley

Diggle is cornered in an alley but is saved by Felicity, and later he corners his brother behind a fence.

37a Avenue & 159a Street as Running into Guards

Thea runs into a pair of guards while desperately searching the streets.

Humberside Avenue & 160 Street as Edge of Dome

Thea runs from the guards and straight into the wall of the dome.


2nd Avenue (between Ingleton & MacDonald) as Above Dome

The camera pulls out of the ground after leaving the dome beneath the city.