“Legends of Today” Filming Locations

The team must travel to Star City to enlist Team Arrow’s help in defending Kendra Saunders from a mysterious immortal foe while Caitlyn and Harry develop a drug to enhance Barry’s speed power.

Series: The Flash Season 2, Episode 8
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The Flash episode "Legends of Today" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Allied Shipbuilders as Docks

Vandal Savage arrives in Star City and kills a police officer and the ship's crew.

Vancouver Film Studios as A.R.G.U.S. Warehouse

Oliver and his crew try to stop Damien Darhk from stealing a chemical weapon and they have to be rescued by the Flash.

Vancouver Film Studios as Spotting Wells

Patty is heading to her car when she spots the Earth-2 Harrison Wells loading his trunk.


2nd Avenue (between Ingleton & MacDonald) as Stolen by Bird

Cisco follows Kendra Saunders out and is talking to her when Carter Hall swoops down and takes her away.

West Hastings Street (between Thurlow & Burrard) as Oliver on Motorcycle

Oliver rides his motorcycle after Kendra Saunders his taken by Hawkman.

Guinness Tower as 57th Street Tower (above rooftop)

Hawkman lands Kendra Saunders on a rooftop after taking her.

1090 West Pender as 57th Street Tower (on rooftop)

Carter Hall talks to Kendra Saunders on the rooftop and later she returns there to jump off.

Cornett Road (between Bentall & Natal) as Fighting Hawkman

Oliver and Barry fight and eventually subdue Carter Hall.

Bentall 4 (Bentall Centre) as 57th Street Tower (base)

Barry rushes to the bottom and catches Kendra Saunders before she hits the ground.


Ryerson United Church as Cathedral

Barry and Oliver head to recover the staff only to find Vandal Savage has gotten there first.

Cornett Road & Natal Street as Outside Cathedral

Barry and Oliver look back at the cathedral after it is blown up by Vandal Savage.