Smallville Filming Locations

Smallville tells the tale of Clark Kent's youth. All within a short distance from Vancouver, the show is able to take us from the rural town of Smallville to the glimmering glass of Metropolis.

Smallville was filmed in Vancouver & Victoria in Canada.
Show Map

Ruskin Dam

Reeves Dam

From episode 6x21 "Prototype". From episode 6x22 "Phantom". From episode 7x01 "Bizarro".

Hatley Castle

Lex Luthor Mansion


Templeton Secondary School

Smallville High

Exterior and interior shots of Smallville High.

Vancouver Technical Secondary

Smallville High

Exterior shots of Smallville High.

Clova Cinema

The Talon

Exterior shots of The Talon.

Central City

Luthorcorp Headquarters

Vancouver Central Library

Metropolis Federal Courts

Beresford Street Studios


A short Metropolis street was constructed in the tiny Beresford Street Studios backlot.

401 Burrard Street

Luthorcorp Headquarters

Langley Memorial Hospital

Smallville Medical Center