Kick-Ass 2 Filming Locations

The sequel to 2010′s Kick-Ass, this film continues its predecessors pattern of being hyper-violent and ridiculous. More costumed heroes pop up in New York, but now they have a group of villains to face off against.

Kick-Ass 2 was filmed in Toronto, Mississauga, & Hamilton in Canada, London in United Kingdom, and New York, Los Angeles, & Yonkers in United States of America.

Pinewood Studios Toronto

Construction Site

Mindy shows Dave what it is like to be shot in the bulletproof vest.

Source: Torontoist

Sir Winston Churchill School

Millard Fillmore High School (exterior)

Dave & Mindy regularly skip school to train in crime fighting.

Source: Torontoist


Ashmole Academy

Millard Fillmore High School (interior)

Dave and his friends talk at various times inside the school. Mindy tries out for the cheer squad in the school gym.


West 6th Street (between Broadway & Spring)

Dr. Gravity's Interview

Dr. Gravity is interviewed by the news about his superheroing.


Empire Fulton Ferry (Brooklyn Bridge Park)

Hacksaw Interview

A superhero with two hacksaws is interviewed by the news.

2450 Doulton Place

D'Amico Mansion

Chris D'Amico lives in his family's massive mansion.

Source: Torontoist

43 Airdrie Road

Marcus's House

Mindy comes home to where she lives with Marcus.

Source: Torontoist

Pearl Street (between Duncan & Simcoe)

New York Street

Dave walks down the street in pimp clothes and is followed by some thugs. Later, he walks down the same street as Kick-Ass and gets high-fives.

Source: Torontoist


Denmark Place (south of Andrew Borde, west of St. Giles)

Pimp Alley

Dave leads a group of thugs down an alley and tries to fight them all, but he ends up needing help from Hit Girl.

The Second Cup

Coffee Shop

Marcus is getting coffee when he hops into his car after hearing a report of Hit Girl downtown.

Source: Torontoist


87 Commercial Street

Running across Roof

Hit Girl runs across a rooftop on her way back to her motorbike.

Richmond Street West (between Duncan & Simcoe)

Marcus Driving Again

Marcus continues down the street on his way home to check on Mindy.

Irwin Avenue & Yonge Street

Kick-Ass & Dr. Gravity Patrolling

Kick-Ass goes out patrolling with his new superhero friend and they stop at a food cart.

Yonge Street (between Breadalbane & Grosvenor)

Continuing Patrolling

Kick-Ass and Dr. Gravity continue down the street.

Ultra Convenience

Convenience Store

Chris D'Amico robs a convenience store as The Motherfucker.

Source: Torontoist

Grosvenor Street & Yonge Street

Fight on Street Corner

Two guys try to fight Kick-Ass & Dr. Gravity but get their asses kicked.

Source: Torontoist

Yonge Street (between Gerrard & Elm)

Group Patrol

The newly formed super-group walks down the street together.

Elm Street & Yonge Street

Street Corner

Kick-Ass & Colonel Stars and Stripes talk during the group's first patrol montage.

Yonge-Dundas Square

Times Square Subway Stop

The group is hanging out by the subway and Night Bitch propositions Kick-Ass.

Source: Torontoist

Arresting Vigilantes

The police arrest two vigilantes on the street during the crackdown.

Glen Bailie Place (south of St. Andrew, west of Spadina)

Alley by Brothel

Kick-Ass and Battle Guy join the rest of the team in the alley behind the poker game and brothel.

ZhenZhen Health Beauty

Brothel Raid

Night Bitch leads a group of trafficked women out of a brothel.

Source: Torontoist

Yonge Street (between Grosvenor & Grenville)

Montage Patrol

The team walks down the street in slow-mo.

Source: Torontoist

5 Clinton Street

Dave's House (exterior)

Dave sees his father being arrested as Kick-Ass and later Mindy drops him off.

Source: Torontoist


Pizza Place

The superhero team meets at a pizza place after Colonel Stars and Stripes is killed.

Source: Torontoist

7145 Appletree Lane

Night Bitch's House

The Motherfucker and his goons attack Night Bitch while Mother Russia kills a group of police officers.

Source: IMDb

488A Yonge Street

Arrested outside Apartment

Tommy's Mum & Dad are arrested while going into their apartment.

Dream Tips & Beauty

Arrest at Piercing Shop

The police arrest several more vigilantes inside a piercings shop.

Alley (south of Henderson, west of Manning)

Alley by Dave's House

Dave is walking down the alley back to his house when he sees police cars out front.


Pinewood Studios

Chris D'Amico's Warehouse

Chris puts together a supervillain club in an old warehouse. The old warehouse where this was filmed has since been demolished.

Source: IMDb


I-87 (near exit 6)


Hit Girl rescues Dave from a van after he was kidnapped at the funeral.

Source: Torontoist


Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge

Mindy rides out of town at the end of the film.