Wonderfalls Filming Locations

Part of the works of Bryan Fuller

Wonderfalls was filmed in Toronto, Mississauga, & Niagara Falls in Canada.
Show Map

1 Snooker Street

The Barrel (interior)

Jaye visits her friend Mahandra at the bar where she works in the unaired pilot. Eric drinks at the bar after catching his wife cheating on him in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion".

Cherry Beach Park

High & Dry Trailer Park

Jaye lives in her trailer down by the beach in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion".

Source: Torontoist

Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex


Jaye works at a gift shop near Niagara Falls first seen in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion". From episode 1x07 "Barrel Bear". From episode 1x08 "Lovesick Ass". From episode 1x13 "Caged Bird".

Source: Torontoist

Opera House

Jaye meets Peter Johnson outside the opera for their 'date' in episode 1x08 "Lovesick Ass".

Yonge Street (between Gerrard & Elm)

Driving to Hospital

Jaye drives to the hospital with Sharon in the backseat with Thomas who is having an allergic reaction in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion".

Clifton Hill (between Victoria & Falls)

Kissing Couple

A couple kisses in a touristy area in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion".


Jaye drives back to the trailer park after leaving the hospital in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion".

Pathway (Queen Victoria Park)

Wonderfalls Fountain

Jaye almost chokes on her sandwich and fishes a quarter out of the fountain in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion". She fishes another quarter out but gets caught by a cop in episode 1x07 "Barrel Bear". Katya waits for Peter by the fountain and ends up sleeping there when he doesn't show up in episode 1x08 "Lovesick Ass".

Hot Dog Stand

Sharon talks with Jaye while eating a hot dog in episode 1x08 "Lovesick Ass".

Zipline to the Falls

American Falls Viewpoint

Tourists take photos of American Falls in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion".

Table Rock Welcome Centre

Horseshoe Falls Viewpoint

Tourists take photos of Horseshoe Falls in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion".

Oakes Garden Theatre

Chasing Bicyclist

Jaye chases after a bicyclist and then digs around inside a garbage can and finds the discarded purse in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion".

Source: Torontoist

Rainbow Bridge Lawn

Following Coin

Jaye chases after a coin and sees it falling into a bicyclist's bag in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion".

Source: Torontoist

Thriftlodge Niagara Falls


Jaye goes to return the stolen purse and gets into a fight in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion".

Source: Torontoist

South Viewpoint (Queen Victoria Park)

Sad Sack

Eric walks beside the falls after catching his wife cheating on him in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion".

Port Credit Secondary School

Northern Falls General Hospital (exterior)

Karen meets Sharon's 'car pool buddy' outside the hospital in episode 1x02 "Pink Flamingos".

Source: Torontoist

Canary Diner

The Barrel (exterior)

Jaye spots Bianca's van sitting outside The Barrel in episode 1x03 "Karma Chameleon". She gets into an argument with Sister Katrina and the Muses in episode 1x04 "Wound-up Penguin".

Source: Torontoist

Toronto Union Station

Train Station

Jaye and Eric go to the train station to learn about the strange woman they found at The Barrel in episode 1x04 "Wound-up Penguin".

Source: Torontoist

CN Railway Police Building

Police Station

Jaye and Sister Katrina are taken to the police station where Father Scofield learns about his daughter in episode 1x04 "Wound-up Penguin".

Source: Torontoist


Former Hillcrest Motel

Hillcrest Motel (exterior)

Jaye and Eric check into a motel to find out about Sister Katrina in episode 1x04 "Wound-up Penguin".

Source: Torontoist

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Metro Toronto Coach Terminal

Jaye and Aaron meet their deported housekeeper, Yvette, at the bus station in Canada in episode 1x05 "Crime Dog".

Source: Torontoist

Mississauga Transit Malton Satellite

Border Crossing

Jaye and Aaron cross into Canada to recover their deported housekeeper in episode 1x05 "Crime Dog".

Source: Torontoist

Spencer Smith Park

Above the Falls

Vivian Caldwell is loaded into a barrel above Niagara Falls in episode 1x07 "Barrel Bear".

Point near Hornblower Niagara Cruises

Beneath the Falls

Millie Marcus tells her story of arriving at the bottom of the falls in a barrel, and later Vivian Caldwell tells a different story in episode 1x07 "Barrel Bear".

Rambler's Rest Pavilion (Queen Victoria Park)

Watching Barrel

A bunch of people watch Millie Marcus come over the falls from high above in episode 1x07 "Barrel Bear".


Former Film Studio

The Docks

Jaye brings Peter Johnson to his father Dick Johnson on the docks in episode 1x08 "Lovesick Ass".

The Barrel (alley)

Heidi purchases drugs to use on Eric from a dealer behind the bar in episode 1x11 "Cocktail Bunny".


Bandshell Park

Bike Punch

Peter Johnson rides his bike into a boxing glove to get a black eye in episode 1x08 "Lovesick Ass".

Fairmont Royal York

Dr. Ron's Office (exterior)

The power to Dr. Ron's office building shuts down in episode 1x11 "Cocktail Bunny".

Cedar Beach Resort

Satsuma Indian Reservation Tipi

Jaye follows the totem advice into a tipi and has a conversation with a dead tribal woman in episode 1x12 "Totem Mole".

Cedar Beach Variety

Satsuma Indian Reservation Trading Post

Karen attempts to purchase a large quantity of cigarettes but is turned away in episode 1x12 "Totem Mole".

Source: Torontoist

Fishbone By The Lake

Tribal Council (exterior)

Sharon and Mahandra come out of the council after losing their case in episode 1x12 "Totem Mole".