Movies Filmed at Central City

13450 102 Avenue, Surrey, BC

Surrey’s Central City development is the unique combination of university campus and shopping mall. The main mall was renovated in 2000 and the office tower housing Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus was constructed in 2003.

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University Drive (between 102 & Old Yale… from Supergirl
160 m

North Surrey Recreation Centre from The Flash
221 m

City Centre Library from Travelers and 2 other movies.
308 m

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The Flash

Stagg Industries (offices)

Barry fights a bunch of copies of Danton Black in episode 1x02 "Fastest Man Alive".


Luthorcorp Headquarters


Hedare Beauty Headquarters

Human Target

Sentronics Building

Building Chance is attempting to rescue Martin Gleason from in episode 1x06 "Lockdown".


Vergis Corp's Headquarters

Headquarters of the main competitor of Graystone Industries where the MCP chip is stolen from in episode 1x06 "Know Thy Enemy".

Caprica Interplanetary Spaceport

Spaceport where Lacy and her STO cell conduct in ill-fated bombing in episode 1x11 "Retribution".