“Travelers” Filming Locations

Agent Grant MacLaren investigates a group of disparate people who suddenly started acting strangely on the eve of a mysterious attack on the city.

Travelers episode “Travelers” was filmed in Vancouver & Surrey in Canada.

City Centre Library as Marcy's Library

Marcy is working at the library late at night when she is attacked by a group of men and overwritten before she can be killed.

700 Vernon Drive as Carly's House

Carly is attacked by the father of her child and later she is questioned by Agent MacLaren.

City Centre Library as Internet Cafe

Philip is working on the computer setting up the chat room when Detective Gower arrives to question him about his roommate's death.

Del Mar Inn as Marcy's Apartment

Marcy wakes up in her apartment where her caseworker David is knocking.

Winram Block as David's Apartment

David arrives home to find Marcy in his apartment.

Hasty Market as Hasty Market

Philip buys a winning lotto ticket.

401 West Georgia as Plaza

Philip is leaving a building when he spots Detective Gower waiting for him.

The Dominion Building as Abandoned Building

Grant tracks the mysterious people to an abandoned building where Jeff is searching for Carly.