Movies Filmed at Rollerland

Part of Pacific National Exhibition
21 N Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC V5K 3N6, Canada
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Pacific Coliseum from Arrow and 8 other movies.
105 m

Il Giardino Italiano from Arrow
114 m

Agrodome from The Flash and 12 other movies.
138 m

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Seattle Archive

David is full of questions when the Archivist brings him inside to help move the blood while Jeff sets up outside to await reinforcements in episode 3x08 "Archive". Marcy tracks David's comm where she finds him sealed in the Archive with the nuke and she calls in the team to assist in episode 3x09 "David".

Shanghai Archive

A Traveler team tries to disarm the nuke in the Shanghai Archive but cannot manage it in time in episode 3x09 "David".

Legends of Tomorrow

Lucha Libre Arena [1961]

The Legends track Konane's signature to a Lucha Libre match and learn that he has become a very popular wrestler in episode 4x09 "Lucha de Apuestas".