“Archive” Filming Locations

Missing information leads a Traveler to arrive in serial killer host forcing Grant to take drastic action to help complete the mission. Meanwhile, Jeff's solo mission comes to a head with a threat to the local Archive.

Series: Travelers Season 3, Episode 8
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Travelers episode "Archive" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

14128 Colebrook Road as Bonfire

Andrew Graham burns several items from his latest victim.

Colebrook Frontage Road as Country Highway

Andrew Graham is overwritten after a car accident but shortly after the new Traveler arrives he vomits up a human eye to his horror.


Burnaby Lake Rugby Club as Park

Marcy trains David in how to defend himself.

Portal Park as Plaza

Carly and Jeff have a good time sharing coffee before Carly is called off for a mission.


Cedar Building (Capilano University) as Humphries University

Samantha Burns celebrates her big breakthrough with her girlfriend and research partner but later Carly arrives with Andrew Graham to tell her how her research will cause incredible amounts of death.


104th Avenue Centre as Abandoned Mall

Jeff is forced to turn on one of his fellow undercover Travelers by the Faction and then Dawn gives sets him up to guard the kidnapped Archivist.


104th Avenue Centre as FBI Parking Garage

The media films while Joanne escorts Andrew Graham into a police van for the transfer.


Fellowes Street & North Boundary Road as Ambush

The team kidnaps Andrew Graham from police custody much to Joanne's annoyance.


Bridgeway Street (northern) as Driving

Andrew Graham changes into civilian clothes while Carly drives him and Trevor to the university.


Skeena Street Tunnel as Tunnel

Carly pulls the van over while the police drive past searching for Andrew Graham.


Rollerland (PNE) as Seattle Archive

David is full of questions when the Archivist brings him inside to help move the blood while Jeff sets up outside to await reinforcements.


Corner Cafe as Diner

Joanne and Grant let have Andrew Graham have one meal free before handing him over to police custody.

Oceanic Plaza as Belltown Plaza

Philip is talking with Carly when he has a vision of a nuclear explosion over the city from another timeline.