Movies Filmed at Agrodome

Renfrew St & Dundas St, Vancouver, BC V5K, Canada

Part of Pacific National Exhibition
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The Agrodome is a sports arena on the PNE grounds constructed in 1963. During the winter the floor is ice for hockey and skating events, and during the rest of the year it hosts basketball, tennis, roller derby, and more.

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Livestock Barns from Travelers and 4 other movies.
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Rollerland from Travelers and 1 other movie.
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The Flash

Bannin Family Ice

Barry, Iris, Nora, and the rest of Team Flash go out for an evening of ice skating in their brief downtime in episode 5x12 “Memorabilia”.


Crime Scene

Chloe and Lucifer walk away from the where the second victim was found while discussing the victim's 'sins' in episode 2x03 “Sin-Eater”.


Boxing Arena

Oliver and Roy work to stop a bomb planted by Count Vertigo at a boxing match in episode 3x01 “The Calm”.

Russian Fight Club (tunnel)

Oliver is knocked out by the Bratva after defeating their champion in episode 5x01 “Legacy”. Oliver talks with Anatoly Knyazev after passing the first test before he passes out in episode 5x02 “The Recruits”.

Russian Ice Rink

Anatoly and Oliver attack the ice rink where Gregor is meeting with his lieutenants in episode 5x16 “Checkmate”.

City Hall (parking garage)

Oliver confronts Adrian Chase as the Arrow beneath City Hall and Chase says he has Susan Williams locked away in episode 5x16 “Checkmate”.