“Gone as a Girl Can Get” Filming Locations

The gang lives in a Purgatory without Wynonna and Doc finds he is the only one who can remember the truth.

Series: Wynonna Earp Season 2, Episode 11
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Wynonna Earp episode "Gone as a Girl Can Get" was filmed in Calgary & Didsbury in Canada.
Show Map

The Honeymoon Cabin (CL Western Town & Backlot) as Earp Homestead

In the alternate reality the Earp Homestead is overrun by Revenants led by Doc.


The Woods (CL Western Town & Backlot) as The Well

Doc wakes up in the alternate reality and finds himself at the bottom of a familiar well.


20 Street (between 19 & 20) as Main Street

Waverly walks down the street with Perry and discusses their upcoming wedding.


CL Western Town & Backlot as Old Church

Widow-Beth tries desperately to break the third seal but realizes she needs help.


20 Street (between 18 & 19) as Main Street

Nicole helps Waverly clean up in her squad car after Doc is killed.


Jumping Pound Road (at 250129) as Purgatory Town Sign

Jeremy finds Dolls dying by the side of the road near the edge of town.


The Weigh Station (CL Western Town & Backlot) as Perley Homestead

Nicole and Waverly to to Gretta Perley's house to ask her about the spell cast over the town and she gives them a glimpse of reality.


Lot off 18 Avenue & 20 Street as Lot near Shorty's

Jeremy finds Rosita at the the meeting spot and tells her about Dolls's death and about the altered reality.