Movies Filmed at Monbijouplatz 12

Monbijoupl. 12, 10178 Berlin, Germany
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Monbijoupark from Sense8 and 1 other movie.
211 m

Barcomi's Deli from Sense8
407 m

Radisson Blu Hotel from Sense8
409 m

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Lito's Condo (hot tub) [Mexico City]

Lito takes selfies in his hot tub in 2016 Christmas special "Happy F*cking New Year.".

Sebastian Fuchs's Apartment [Berlin]

Felix and Wolfgang are invited over by Sebastian Fuchs so Felix can sign the paperwork for the club and Wolfgang meets another sensate, Lila Facchini in episode 2x03 "Obligate Mutualisms". Wolfgang goes over to Fuchs's apartment for a meeting only to find it empty except for a very naked Lila in episode 2x05 "Fear Never Fixed Anything".