Movies Filmed at Main Mall (between Agricultural & University)

Main Mall & Agricultural Rd, Vancouver, BC V6T, Canada

Part of The University of British Columbia

Nearby Locations
Chemistry Building, D-Block from Psych and 18 other movies.
57 m

Agricultural Road & Main Mall from Supergirl
88 m

Martha Piper Plaza from Legends of Tomorrow and 4 other movies.
89 m

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Hilltowne University Pathway

Mel is putting up posters for her rally when Cam shows up and tells her she can't do that in pilot episode. Angela Wu follows Macy across campus but is interrupted by Mel who asks to talk in private in episode 1x03 “Sweet Tooth”. Macy has a vision of a student being turned to stone and then next morning she finds a statue on her morning run in episode 1x15 “Switches & Stones”.