“Sweet Tooth” Filming Locations

A series of mysterious deaths inform the sisters that the demon has found a new host and they come up with a plan to identify and neutralize it while Harry stresses patience.

Series: Charmed Season 1, Episode 3
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Charmed episode "Sweet Tooth" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Geography Building (UBC) as Cam's Dorm

The demon stalks outside a dorm building and zeroes in on Cam.

Mahony & Sons Public House (UBC) as Maggie's Restaurant

Parker saves Maggie from an asshole customer while she is at work and then Lucy stops by to talk with her.


J.E. Phillips House as Vera Home (exterior)

Maggie talks to Mel on the phone while walking home and later Mel runs into Macy on the porch.

Main Mall (between Agricultural & University) (UBC) as Hilltowne University Pathway

Angela Wu follows Macy across campus but is interrupted by Mel who asks to talk in private.

Mathematics Annex (UBC) as Angela Wu's Dorm

Mel talks to Angela Wu alone to determine if she is the demon's host and then she runs into Niko who is investigating Cam's disappearance.