“Pilot” Filming Locations

Mel and Maggie find themselves with an older sister they didn't know they had and strange new abilities they can't quite control while a demonic presence hunts them after the death of their mother.

Series: Charmed Pilot
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Charmed pilot episode was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Nelson’s Folly as Vera Home (interior)

Marisol is spending the night alone while Maggie and Mel are out when a strange force comes to the house.


J.E. Phillips House as Vera Home (exterior)

Maggie and Mel head off for a night on the town while their mother stays home. Later, Macy is walking down the street with Galvin when she spies a house she seems to remember.

Cecil Green Park House (UBC) as Phi Delta Upsilon

Mel picks up Maggie from a military-themed party and later Maggie is kidnapped and brought to a party to celebrate her acceptance into Kappa.

Chemistry Building, D-Block (UBC) as Department of Women's Studies

Mel is hanging up posters for the protest when she is greeted by Harry Greenwood, the new head of the department who is replacing her mother.

Main Mall (between Agricultural & University) (UBC) as Hilltowne University Pathway

Mel is putting up posters for her rally when Cam shows up and tells her she can't do that.


The Heatley as Bar

While talking about her recent family visit with Galvin, Macy accidentally uses her powers to throw a beer bottle across the room.


Wilder Snail Neighborhood Grocery & Coffee Inc. as Coffee Shop

While talking over coffee with Niko, Mel repeatedly finds time around herself freezing.

Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (UBC) as Department of Genetics

Mel helps organize a protest of Professor Thaine outside the building where his lab is located.