Movies Filmed at The Roadside Cafe

Unnamed Road, Calgary, AB T3Z 2B4, Canada

Part of CL Western Town & Backlot
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Entrance Road from Wynonna Earp
666 m

The Weigh Station from Wynonna Earp and 1 other movie.
2.0 km

The Hillside Farm from Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp

Cal's Service Station

A young woman with a strange mark on her face walks up to a remote service station staffed by a Revenant looking for help and is attacked by wolves in episode 1x10 “She Wouldn't Be Gone”. A mysterious figure with a star tattoo arrives in town on the bus in episode 3x03 “Colder Weather”.

Mama Olive's Diner

Wynonna gives Waverly a hard time about sexting with Champ and then they chat with Hetty in episode 1x06 “Constant Cravings”. A group of Revenants inject themselves with the defective batch of Dolls' drugs and begin to rampage in episode 3x03 “Colder Weather”.

Purgatory's Best Restaurant

Wynonna goes on a dinner date with Charlie which is interrupted by Jeremy with news on the attack on Robin in episode 3x08 “Waiting Forever for You”. Billy gives Rachel a nice jacket and tries to kiss her when they are trading scrap in episode 4x04 “Afraid”.

Remote Road

Charlie and Doc are jogging back to town when Doc begins to lose control and Charlie has to knock him out in episode 3x08 “Waiting Forever for You”.