Movies Filmed at The Weigh Station

Part of CL Western Town & Backlot
Unnamed Road, Calgary, AB T3Z 2B4, Canada
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The Town from Wynonna Earp
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The Hillside Farm from Wynonna Earp
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The Church from Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp

Gretta's House

Nicole and Waverly to to Gretta Perley's house to ask her about the spell cast over the town and she gives them a glimpse of reality in episode 2x11 "Gone as a Girl Can Get". Wynonna and Waverly confront Gretta and get her to craft a weapon from the plate in episode 2x12 "I Hope You Dance".

Revenant's Cabin

Waverly wakes up tied to the ceiling of a cabin by a Revenant who plans on eating her in episode 3x02 "When You Call My Name".