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Part of CL Western Town & Backlot
Unnamed Road, Calgary, AB T3Z 2B4, Canada
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The Town from Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp

Perley Homestead

Nicole and Waverly to to Gretta Perley's house to ask her about the spell cast over the town and she gives them a glimpse of reality in episode 2x11 "Gone as a Girl Can Get". Wynonna and Waverly confront Gretta and get her to craft a weapon from the plate in episode 2x12 "I Hope You Dance". While Doc and Nicole are searching the abandoned house for the diary, Nicole is possessed by the Maeve Perley who demands a body in episode 3x10 "The Other Woman".

Revenant's Cabin

Waverly wakes up tied to the ceiling of a cabin by a Revenant who plans on eating her in episode 3x02 "When You Call My Name".